Who we are


Our core mission is promoting diversity and optimism: through art, we support projects that improve the quality of life of people and communities that find themselves in vulnerable situations and that are at risk of exclusion. Color is the driver of change and transformation in all of our activities.


The Coloring the World Foundation aims to be a beacon for social diversity and improving the quality of people’s lives, with our own distinctive identity based on the use of color as a symbol for diversity and equality. We strive to imagine a future full of diversity, color and social justice.


We are passionate about art and about our work. All our artists share a deep commitment to society.
We strongly believe in the capacity of art to drive transformation. We create works with a social purpose.
Reaching full potential
We believe in helping people to overcome adversity and to reach their full potential. This, alongside tackling new challenges to improve communities, forms the basis of our activities.
We are proud to be different and of harnessing this difference to seek out new spaces that we can all share together.
We are firmly committed to people and the planet, promoting the social inclusion of vulnerable groups and respect for the environment.
We believe in transparency. We are committed to accurately reporting what we do, making sure we can be held to account.


The CTWF is a product of the philosophy and world view transmitted by the artist Okuda San Miguel, its honorary president and number-one ambassador, through his work.

After many years using art to raise the profile of social projects and good causes, Okuda San Miguel and the Ink and Movement team decided to set up the Coloring the World Foundation, joining forces to help build a better world.

Honorary President

Okuda San Miguel

“I believe in the transformational power of art and its potential to improve people and their surroundings.”

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Madrid’s Complutense University, Okuda San Miguel’s unique iconographic language of geometric structures and multicolored patterns have made him one of the world’s best-known urban artists.

His paintings can be found in streets and on buildings worldwide. As an artist, he is coveted for his large-scale interventions, such as Kaos Temple (2015), which transformed a new skate park housed in the building of an old church into a showcase for contemporary art.

Okuda’s work blends multicolored geometric architectures with organic shapes, anonymous bodies, headless animals and symbols that provoke reflection among his viewers. His style can be described as Pop Surrealism, all the while staying true to its roots in the streets.

Okuda’s works often raise existentialist questions and reflect on the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life and the contradictions of the system in which we live. Through his creations, Okuda San Miguel lays bare the conflict between modernity and our roots, of the human condition itself.


As a non-profit foundation, we are governed by the Spanish legislation on Foundations (Law 50/2002).

The Foundation’s board comprises a group of dedicated individuals who are passionate about promoting art to change the world in which we live.

We also receive permanent support from Ink and Movement, which provides its professional services to the Coloring the World Foundation.

Honorary President

Okuda San Miguel



Óscar Sanz


Vice President

Alejandra Kreisler

Development Kreisler Gallery and member of IAM-Okuda

Chief Executive / Secretary

Juan Merín

Sustainable Development Consultant


Juan Pablo Zino

Finance Director

Board members

Diego Figueroa R.

Of Counsel at DLA Piper LLP US

Celia Tejada

International entrepreneur

Ana Llorente

Director of International Accounts and Exhibitions IAM-Okuda

Diego Carnicero

Creative Director IAM-Okuda

Help us fill the world with color, creativity and optimism