What we do


For us, art is one of the best tools for bringing about social change: there is no art without transformation.

We call ourselves “artivists” and we seek to play an active role in shaping processes of social change through both collaborative and independent art projects. Art is our way of getting our message across and of making our voice heard through shapes, aesthetics and color. Art is a catalyst for much deeper transformation.

Public spaces are where the enormous challenges we face together as a society – in response to economic, environmental and social crises – are most visible. And it is in public spaces where artists must use their creativity in search of solutions that bring us all together and have a direct and positive impact on people’s lives, both as a society and individually.

How we do it

Through Art

Art conceived for everyone, to help us help each other.

Art to promote, defend and value diversity as an essential quality for the planet and humanity.

Art to create new ways of thinking and new perspectives for seeing the world we share.

Art to move people and inspire them to change the world.

Our collaborating artists

Artists can show us new ways of understanding our world and their art can inspire us to change it.

The Foundation wants to reach out to all artists that share the importance of bringing hope, optimism and color to the world.

The Ink and Movement creative community is committed to the Foundation, contributing the talent of all its artists and the management team to help us carry out our mission.

We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to promote the progress of people and communities, ensuring no one is left behind.

The areas in which we work

We want to harness the philosophy and vision of Okuda San Miguel for social projects.

We believe in diversity as a value and color as a tool to improve people’s lives.

—01 Supporting, raising the profile of, and enabling the participation of minorities – both individuals and groups – who find themselves in vulnerable situations and at risk of exclusion

At the CTWF, we want to have a positive impact on social and economic development all around the world. We do this by working with people from different groups, using color as a tool to improve people’s lives.

All our activities promote a positive attitude to life, helping people come together to overcome challenges through creativity and standing together.

—02 Promoting social projects and public participation on diversity

We support good causes that improve people’s lives and prevent them from being left behind. We use color to provide energy and visibility to causes we care about, doing our best to provide our support to maximize their impact.

Our artists bring the creativity, vision, and work needed to raise awareness and catalyze collective participation, making a difference when it comes to important social issues.

—03 Supporting the creation and promotion of emerging contemporary art

The roots of our Foundation lie in the creativity and commitment to good causes of the artists who give their color and talent to create a better world for everyone and have a positive impact on the environment. The Foundation would be nothing without the artists that share our vision of creating a world full of diversity where everyone can be happy.

We support emerging artists that also deserve to be heard and to be given the opportunity to bring their art to the public. We promote artistic creation and support the professional development of artists in need of a space to work, as well as through technical support and training, in collaboration with Ink and Movement.

Programs in this area aim to create opportunities to provide emerging artists with access to unique spaces to support their development and to allow them to learn about the professional side of being an artist, thanks to the cultural management of organizations like Ink and Movement.

How do we measure our impact?

The world’s our limit. We want to work anywhere in the world where our contribution can make a difference for the greater good.

Measuring the impact of our projects is key to the Foundation’s success. It’s essential to know the extent to which our initiatives are achieving the desired change and whether this change is lasting:

Measuring also means learning and improving. We do our best to measure exactly what we achieve through our projects and to identify room for improvement.

We measure impact by incorporating mechanisms and monitoring indicators into the design of our programs to allow us to know how well we are doing. We are also supported by external independent experts who help us to learn and to systematize our achievements. This allows us to replicate our projects in other communities and make any adjustments needed.

Our environmental footprint

We all depend on the environment and its natural resources. The Foundation strives to live and work in harmony with nature.

Our commitment to a more sustainable planet means raising awareness among our artists and working to ensure our activities help improve the environment, while understanding any limitations that may mean this is not always possible.

Management of our working environment

Wherever possible, we use recycled materials for our activities and give preference to sustainable suppliers. We manage our waste based on the principles of the circular economy.


Help us fill the world with color, creativity and optimism