Vital Alsar School

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Coloring the world


Santander, Spain



Promoted from within the school itself, this initiative benefited from the support and collaboration of the City Council of Santander and the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the region of Cantabria. It involved an intervention on the outside wall of the Vital Alsar school in the municipality of Cueto, in the Spanish region of Cantabria, transforming it into a beacon for innovation and creativity.

About the project

The “Okuda Vital” project involved renovating the outside wall of the school, which had fallen into disrepair, as well as an adjacent building. The crowd funding campaign for the project exceeded the €30,500 target for the funds needed by Okuda San Miguel and his team to carry out the project. Okuda also designed new letters for the building.

As a display of gratitude to all those who supported the crowd funding campaign, a plaque was installed with the names of all the donors.

Collaborating Artist

Okuda San Miguel was pleased to be able to bring his work to his home town to support this good cause, filling the children’s learning environment with color and positive vibes.

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