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Functional diversity


Ciudad Real, Castilla La Mancha, Spain



The Titanes project promoted the involvement of people with different abilities, particularly youth, in the creation of public art, building their power of expression, social skills and self-esteem.

The project is a powerful reminder of the positive energy created when artists and people with different abilities come together in free and safe contexts.

It has also had a significant impact on the lives of many of those who participated in the activities, especially thanks to the interventions on the silos in the Spanish province of Ciudad Real.

About the project

Titanes is a social inclusion project for people with different abilities that seeks to promote urban art and the restoration of rural heritage. The project received financing from the Provincial Government of Ciudad Real, was coordinated by Laborvalía and was curated by Okuda San Miguel and his Ink and Movement team, working in partnership with the municipalities.

At the Coloring the World Foundation, we wanted to raise the profile of good causes, working once again with Laborvalía, an association for the inclusion of people with disabilities, on this project.

Titanes aims to set an example of progress through culture, while paying homage to all those who give their all on a daily basis to make social inclusion a reality.

Thanks to the help of over 400 volunteers from the Laborvalía association and the 14 artists who took part in the various interventions, we showed that all those with different abilities involved in the project should be treated as equals and that their desire to overcome the challenges they face and their energy and capacity for work know no bounds. Many thanks to everyone who made this project possible.

Collaborating Artists

A project curated by Okuda San Miguel, involving a wide selection of internationally famous artists to transform silos in the region into enormous works of art.


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