Izzy Wheels

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Social justice


Coloring the world


Dublin, Ireland



This initiative by Izzy Wheels and the artist Okuda San Miguel brought wheelchairs to life through art.

Izzy Wheels works with international artists to create wheelchair wheel covers. For this project, Okuda designed a star based on his iconic Kaos Star and a bear created from geometric shapes.

About the project

We are seeing art in more and more different spaces. At the Coloring the World Foundation, we want to help make design accessible to all, including and valuing groups that are left out of the strategic decisions taken by businesses. Together, inclusion and equality are one of our most important values and we try to embody them in our work by bringing color to every corner of our lives.

This initiative is a perfect example: sisters Izzy and Ailbhe Keane have faced a different reality since their childhood, when Izzy, who suffers from spina bifida, first decided to personalize her wheelchair.

Collaborating Artist

On this occasion, Okuda San Miguel created designs for the wheelchair wheel covers, inspired by highlights from his artistic career, namely his famous Kaos Star and animal portraits.

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