COVID response in Northern Spain

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Coloring the world


Cantabria, Spain



The CTWF partnered with the Santander Port Authority to carry out two projects during the pandemic.

The first initiative, called “Palacete del Embarcadero: Solidarity Zone 0”, aimed to promote donations of food for the Santander food bank. The second was the Coloring Cantabria initiative, which aimed to stimulate the creativity of young people. Overall, the initiative was a great success.

About the project

Okuda San Miguel designed a series of masks to donate to participants in the Santander Port Authority campaign to collect food donations. The initiative took place in partnership with the city’s food bank, which needed donations of essential items to distribute to vulnerable people and families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

Entitled “Palacete del Embarcadero: Solidarity Zone 0”, the campaign for donations took place between May and September 2020.

A second initiative ran in parallel to the campaign, this time in partnership with the newspaper Diario Montañés and the Santander Port Authority, to encourage children between four and 12 years of age to respond to the unprecedented situation caused by the pandemic by using their creativity to re-imagine the Spanish region of Cantabria after lockdown.

Their works were shown during the campaign for food donations at an exhibition called “Coloring Cantabria”, which displayed the drawings of the children who participated, alongside contributions from Okuda during the period.

Collaborating Artist

As honorary president and ambassador of the Foundation, Okuda San Miguel wanted to continue to bring color and creativity to the world during the challenging times of the pandemic.

Moreover, his colorful masks, which were quickly taken up, and works of art encouraged people to participate, making the campaign for donations a huge success.


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