Elsedo school

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Social justice


Coloring the world


Santander, Spain



The project at Elsedo school came about when pupils at the school in the town of Mogro, in the Spanish region of Cantabria, delivered a petition to the artist Okuda San Miguel through the school’s pupil–family association.

Like in cities across the world, this art project helped underline the importance of creativity and art for the development of people and communities.

About the project

In this intervention, we wanted to highlight the importance of creativity and art in promoting the development of new generations, communities and different cultures.

Entitled “Oasis in Pandemic”, the mural aims to reflect hope, opportunity and a positive attitude for pupils at the Elsedo school.

Collaborating Artist

Okuda San Miguel was delighted to be able to bring his work to his home town to support this good cause, filling the children’s learning environment with color and positive vibes.

Help us fill the world with color, creativity and optimism