Food Bank

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Social justice


Coloring the world


Aluche, Madrid, Spain



In this initiative, we worked to brighten up the premises of a food bank in the Aluche district of the Spanish Capital, helping raise the profile of its work and spread its message encouraging people to support its cause and that their support brings color to the neighborhood.

The Foundation’s monitors worked with volunteers from the Aluche association to transform the outside of its premises, increasing the visibility of its work and promoting a message of optimism and hope in the face of the pandemic, with the collaboration and support of everyone.

About the project

We are extremely grateful to all the volunteers that made it possible to bring color and creativity to the Neighborhood Association of Aluche. We hope the bright colors of the new mural will encourage people to provide support and make donations to the food bank, which has provided a lifeline to those most affected by the pandemic.

At the CTWF, we firmly believe in the importance of amplifying the message of good causes like Aluche, whose success depends on as many people as possible lending their support.

Collaborating Artist

The CTWF is a product of the philosophy and world view transmitted by the artist Okuda San Miguel through his work. On this occasion, Okuda supported the project by designing the patterns that were then used by our volunteers to implement this worthy project.

Okuda was delighted to be able to “provide some color and joy to help people through those gray and sad moments”.

Help us fill the world with color, creativity and optimism